Budapest Airport Hotel Stáció Wellness & Conference is waiting for you!

We take all necessary precautions for the safety of our Guests and staff, and to ensure that your stay is as safe as possible in our hotel. During the preparation of our measures, we have considered the recommendations of the Hungarian Tourism Agency. 

Based on the current technical recommendations, we have introduced the following health security measures in order to operate our hotel safely:


  • Plexiglass protection is installed at the reception desk of our hotel.
  • We clean the reception desk every hour with virucidal disinfectants.
  • Keycards belonging to the rooms of the hotel are disinfected after every use.
  • We provide antiviral hand sanitizer for our Guests at the reception round the clock. Face masks and disposable rubber gloves can be asked for free of charge.
  • Only one person can be in the designated area marked in front of the reception desk.
  • Please, have only one member of the family or guest group standing in the line.

Rooms and Common Spaces:

  • We pay special attention to cleaning our rooms. We use virucidal disinfectants everywhere, including the bathrooms.
  • Rooms are thoroughly ventilated every day during cleaning.
  • In the common spaces of our hotel, surfaces frequently touched by Guests (door handles, railings, chairs, tables, counters) are disinfected 3 times a day with virucidal disinfectants.
  • Our cleaning staff wears masks during cleaning.


  • The entire catering unit is disinfected at least twice a day. We clean the tables and the placemats in the restaurant with virucidal disinfectant immediately after Guests have left the table. We provide regular ventilation in the restaurant.
  • We provide a virucidal hand sanitizer station to our Guests at the restaurant entrance.
  • We narrowed down the number of tables in our restaurant, thus ensuring the required minimum distance (1.5 meters). 

Wellness Unit:

  • Common areas, changing rooms and bathrooms of our wellness and fitness unit are continuously disinfected several times a day and they are regularly ventilated.
  • We monitor the quality and the chlorine level of the pool water.
  • We provide antiviral hand sanitizer for our Guests at the wellness reception round the clock.
  • Please use the showers before and after using the pools.
  • Our saunas are operating as usual – please only Guests from one room or a family use these services at once.
  • Please disinfect the equipment of the fitness room after use.
  • Complying with the health regulations, our massage services can also be enjoyed. During the breaks between appointments, our colleagues pay attention to the complete disinfection of the massage rooms.

What we ask from our Guests:

  • We kindly ask you to wear a face mask!
  • Arrive healthy at your long-awaited rest.
  • Keep the recommended distance between each other.
  • Wash your hands often.
  • Use our contactless hand sanitizer stations.
  • Have a great time!
  • If you feel ill, please call our reception at 100.

Have a nice, relaxing time!

Hotel Stáció