You can enjoy the beneficial effects of a 1000 m2 floor area, pre-tensioned water surface swimming-pool (a.k.a. “infinity edge pool”), Jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, infra sauna, steam bath and sea climate (salt) cabin, plunging pool, Kneipp stepping machine, heated relaxing benches and ice spray.

Dimensions of the pool:

  • Length: 18 metres
  • Width: 9 metres
  • Depth: 130 cm
  • Water temperature: 28-30 °C

Simultaneously 8 people may have a seat in the separate, circle shaped Jacuzzi. Water temperature: 35 °C

Business hours: 06:00 – 21:00

Dial : +36-29-556-510

Adventure elements:

  • Pneumatic lying bench
  • Bubbling seat and back-board
  • High pressure water-jet massage
  • Neck shower

Infra sauna

Temperature: 30-40°C       Humidity: low

It heats the body directly without making the sauna room itself very hot, which means it produces a much milder temperature but the health benefits are similar to traditional saunas. However, more researches show that the body is capable of acheiving more effective and intensive results, while using an infrasauna. Its systematic use has positive effects on: heart, blood pressure, circulation, asthma, allergy, nervous system complaints.  It may have aesthetic effect as well. It is often beneficial for the skin, as it detoxifies and slows down aging processes.

Hotel Stáció Wellness & Conference**** - Infra szauna


Capacity: 6-8 guests at one time

Temperature: 40-50 ° C      Humidity: 80-100%

While a sauna may help relax, it won’t have the same health benefits of a steam room. The key to the steam room’s unique health benefits is the humidity. Health benefits: lowers blood pressure; reduces stress by  decreasing your body’s production of cortisol, so that you would feel more relaxed; clears congestion and encourages deep breathing; promotes skin health by opening up pores so that toxins trapped underneath the skin could disappear; aids in muscle recovery; burns calories; boosts the immune system.

Hotel Stáció Wellness & Conference**** - Gőzkabin

Finnish sauna

Capacity: 12-15 guests can take a seat at the same time

Temperature: 80-90 ° C    Humidity: 30-40%.

It has a wide range of health benefits: it strengthens the immune system, blood vessels widen, which increases circulation, makes the walls of veins more flexible (it is recommended to use a plunge pool), help open airways, loosen phlegm, and reduce stress. It helps in eliminating sleep disorders, can prevent mild colds.

Hotel Stáció Wellness & Conference**** - Finn szauna

Sea climate

The humid, salty air is provided by a salt vaporizer ionizing device, which uses Himalayan salt. Salt is important for many biological processes including regulating your blood pressure, carrying nutrients to your cells and improving brain function. Benefits of Himalayan Salt include weight loss, detox, and balanced hormones. It neutralizes the health-damaging effects of positive ions and creates sea-like air or nature-like air similar to air at high altitude.

Hotel Stáció Wellness & Conference**** - Finn sószoba