Hotel Stáció has received a number of awards and acknowledgements since its opening in 2006. The list here includes those that have been awarded to us by a professional- or a professional certification body based on meeting certain professional requirements. Hotelstars’ rating system is well known in Europe, in each case two experts visit the hotel and inspect everything thoroughly in order to ensure the quality of the services, equipment and conditions provided to guests. Stáció obtains the Hotelstars ****superior classification, and the wellness unit has been rated on its own. Another one of our very important certifications is the Hungarian Tourism Quality Award. A very detailed quality assurance-like evaluation takes place in its framework. The evaluators arrive at the hotel as mystery shoppers, and first test the services without the hosts’ knowledge. Our most outstanding acknowledgement is the 2015 Hotel of the Year Award, a competition called by the Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association and the Hungarian Tourism Agency. It is awarded only to the best. However, we are most proud of our Green Hotel Award because it expresses our commitment to think about the future generation in advance.

  • 2019-2020 Green Award 1st place
  • 2018 Certificate of excellence  
  • 2018 Guest Review Award on
  • 2015-2017 Hungarian Tourism Quality Award
  • 2015 Hotel of the Year in Hungary
  • Hotelstars ****superior
  • Hotelstars wellness classification
MSZÉSZ Zöld Szálloda Díj
Részletek Guest Review Awards 2018
Magyar Turizmus Minőségi Díj
Év Szállodája 2015
Hotelstars minősítés
Hotelstars Wellness Hotel Minősítés