Dear Guests,

Since 2012, our hotel has won the title of “Green Hotel” several times in the competition called by the Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association, as Hotel Stáció is at the forefront of renewable energy use in the country. We are proud to have won 1st place in the Green Hotel Award of 2019-2020.

In the following, we would like to share with you our efforts to protect the environment.

At our Hotel, we consider it extremely important to use our knowledge to protect the environment not only for us, but for the next generation too. We kindly ask you to contribute to reducing the environmental impact, if you can. Here are the two best things you can do in our Hotel to help.

  1. If you drop your towels on the floor, those will be changed during daily cleaning. Towels left on the hanger will not be replaced because we assume that they will be used again. This way, the environmental impact of washing can be reduced.
  2. During main meals served on buffet tables, please take only the amount of food you will be eating for sure. Be our partner in restraining food waste!

And our efforts are the following:

  1. Heat pump operation: The key problem is that wellness hotels are generally high-energy, wasteful plants. Just think of the energy requirements of saunas, steam engines, heated pools and the large amounts of domestic hot water. At the same time, there is a need for cooling because the whole building has to be air conditioned in summer, and the server room during the whole season. Moreover, the plunge pool next to the sauna and the Kneipp pool need to be cooled, which requires a lot of electricity as well. This costly, high-energy problem of running a wellness hotel can be solved the most efficiently by heat pump operation. A heat pump is capable of producing both cold and heat at the same time, just like the household refrigerator that is cold inside, but the black grille on its back gives off heat. The heat pump heats with an A+++ energy efficiency rating and, at the same time, produces cold for free as a by-product. In practice, this means producing domestic hot water in summer while cooling the building, the Kneipp pool and the plunge pool for free in return. In winter, it heats the building and produces domestic hot water, while still cooling the server room and the aforementioned wellness pools according to our cooling requirements. So to summarize, one type of energy (hot or cold) is produced with A+++ efficiency, while the opposite energy (cold or hot) is received as a gift. Due to this feature of heat pumps, hotel buildings where cooling and heating needs are present at the same time – wellness hotels are typically such – should be exclusively equipped with a heat pump system, as it protects the environment and saves costs.
  2. Outstanding thermal insulation: During construction, a 15-20 cm Dryvit layer was applied to the entire building, which is close to the thermal insulation of passive houses.
  3. Biios building management system: It monitors the condition of each room (temperature, heating and cooling, window use, humidity) and mobilizes only the energy required. For example, if a window is opened, the heating or cooling stops. It also monitors the outside temperature and produces the required temperature of hot or cold water accordingly.
  4. We have completely replaced lighting systems with LED technology over the years, achieving a significant reduction in consumption and the elimination of unnecessary heat production.
  5. The rooms have surface cooling and heating (floor, wall, ceiling), so there is no monotonous, buzzing sound, no dust that would return to the air, no asthmatic or dust allergenic reactions, and no legionella risks. The water used for heating does not need to be produced at a high temperature, as it is already efficient at 32-36 degrees, so additional energy savings can be achieved.
  6. We maintain our phase sequence corrector regularly so that we do not have reactive energy consumption.
  7. Our favorable water consumption is ensured by modern Hansgrohe faucets with a flow rate of 5 l/min, and faucet aerators built into the shower with a flow rate of 12 l/min. We use well water to flush the toilets and water the garden.
  8. Pickles, baked goods and confectionery are delivered from Vecsés. Vegetables are purchased from a greengrocer of the region as well. In the procurement of all our ingredients needed in the kitchen, we strive to be able to work with domestic goods and to procure the products from our close vicinity, minimizing the environmental impact of transportation.
  9. All our cleaning products are from Assist Trend Shutter Zero that obtains an Ecolabel and guarantees that the products do not contain phosphate, nickel and do not cause skin irritation or allergies.
  10. We refill the toners of our printers and collect the dry-cell batteries separately, then we hand them over to CCR Rebat Nonprofit Kft in every six months.
  11. Naturally, we also perform the environmental activities that are already regulated by law. We collect garbage selectively, and the contents of our kitchen grease trap, used cooking oil and food waste is transported and disposed of by a specialized company.
  12. The outside environment of the hotel is nicely landscaped, full of plants and flowers, there is a small garden pond with fish and turtles. All this in order to provide an environment that is pleasant and beautiful to the eyes of our Guests.
  13. We compost some of the garden waste and then reuse the compost to operate the garden. The other part of the green waste is transported to the compost site by the local Vetüsz Kft.
  14. We have purchased the Winterhalter Pass-through, Energy Lite dishwasher for our kitchen, which has a heat exchanger, i.e. it extracts the energy from the waste water while draining it and then uses that energy to heat the cold inlet water.
  15. We replaced our first generation heat pumps – that were purchased in 2006 – with NIBE-1345 heat pumps representing the latest technology and having an A++ rating.
  16. Over the years, we have replaced the CRT TVs we used when the Hotel was opened with LCD TVs at first. Then in 2018, we replaced those with LED TVs that have an A++ energy efficiency rating.
  17. We purchased an Orwak type waste compactor that was placed in our waste treatment unit. With this machine, we reduce the volume of waste and the waste transportation fee as well.
  18. We transformed our decorative pond into a biological one and created a separate turtle farm. Previously, we had the problem of the turtles destroying the plants responsible for self-sufficiency, so with the help of a specialist company, we transformed our pond and managed to set up a self-sustaining ecosystem.
  19. We have replaced our facade lighting with economical LED RGB lighting.