Hotel Stáció was opened in August 2006 as the first four star hotel in the vicinity of Budapest International Airport with 30 rooms, 2 conference rooms and a restaurant.

Thanks to the high interest and occupancy, since then the hotel was renovated, a new wing was built in 2011 with 45 rooms, 6 conference rooms and a 1000 m2 wellness and fitness department.

Our Hotel has been awarded several times since 2012  by the Hungarian Association of Hotels and Restaurants with the “Green Hotel” title, as Hotel Stáció is one of the leading hotels in Hungary, who utilizes the most renewable energy. We operate the hotel with a pumped-cooling system. The main point of this is to use the earth’s own heat to cool and heat the building. The biggest benefit of the system is energy saving, but in addition to this, in the room there is no noise effect caused by the ventilator of conventional air conditioning systems, there is no dust, no asthmatic illnesses or legionella can occur. The house does not use gas and does not have a chimney, so there is no release of pollutants.

In 2015, we won the Hotel of the Year Award in 4 star category in Budapest.

One of the specialties of the Stáció is the Mediterranean garden with the decorative 40m2 big lake. However, there were problems with the operation of the lake in the past, that could be recognized from the outside as well. We knew that the lake did not charm our guests in that state. Finally, in 2016, with professional help, we converted our lake into a Bio lake. After the sufficient biological balance was formes, we got a completely self-sustaining, beautiful and aesthetic lake full of plants and flowers, which also amazes our guests.

In the end of 2016, we built a new closed, camera controlled parking lot right next to the hotel, to make parking easier fot both hotel, conference and wellness guests.

We wait our guests in a silent and quiet environment with Mediterranean terraces, a beautiful garden with a nice lake and turtle lake in it. Stáció is not an ordinary airport hotel since it is not located close to the noisy terminals but as an oasis, surrounded by family residences and a forest area of Vecsés.

Hotel Stáció is ideal for combining business and leisure, thanks to its location, high-quality facilities and levels of comfort. This resort style airport hotel is a unique place that can provide airport services, conference and wellness facilities at the same place.

The aim of Budapest Airport Hotel Stáció is to exceed all expectations that each guest has of our hotel.

Visit us and please test our hospitality!